BET analyzer_CADMpore3
Sorption BET Analyzer CAD-MPore3

This automatic gas sorption analyzer is static volumetric method, and available to make one , two or three sample(s) on physisorption analysis, each port of which is equipped for low pressure micropore analysis. A dedicated saturation pressure (P0) transducer and a dry, high vacuum system are involved.

PREPARATION (DEGASSING) station: Dedicated vacuum degassing station with three sample port, involving the dedicated heating furnace with temperature control and evacuation system. The upper limit is 400 ℃ with over-temperature protection, PC programmable degassing station may be expanded the degassing ports up to 8

Pressure Transducer Accuracy: <± 0.15% of reading  
Gas path control: Ultrahigh vacuum self-latching solenoid valves and integrated manifold system
Saturated Vapor pressure measurement:  A dedicated Po station with a transducer in real time
 Ultimate Vacuum:   1 x 10-6 Pa achieved by turbo-molecular drag pump, connected in series with an oil-free diaphragm pump. 

The module equipped with advanced pressure-assisted control system.
Evacuating and dosing control:   PFC high-accuracy multichannel pressure electronic control system
Void volume quantitative system: using helium Quantification and introducing void volume dynamic calibration technology for thermal transpiration.
Data acquisition System:  high-precision 24-bit A/D conversion system, with the data storage functions as the system accidental interrupt.
Sample screening function: Data can be exported in real time during testing for comparison analysis between data and reference model
Dual control System: The host embedded Windows CE Touch system and external PC system may control the operation of the instrument simultaneously with real-time display of the operation status. In case of PC absence, the instrument can be operated alone. 

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