Surface & interfacial tension analyzer 

Tensiometer surface tension TensioCAD

New tensiometer TensioCAD

Wilhelmy plate and Du Noüy ring tensiometer

Surface tension measurement - Interfacial tension measurement - Contact angle measurement - Density measurement - Powder wettability analysis

Advancing and receding angle - CMC (Critical Micellar Concentration)

Automatic TensioCAD-V2

Overview - Principle
TensioCAD is a tensiometer based on the principle of measuring a force against a displacement. This method, often called force tensiometry or Wilhelmy method, consists in diving a platinium plate of perimeter L in a liquid having a superficial tension σ. Platinium plate is then lift and, with the help of a balance, the capillary force F exerted on the plate is measured.

Equiped with a high precision weighing cell and coupled to a user-friendly and full software, TensioCAD is a tensiometer which helps you in numerous type of applications and measurements. TensioCAD offers 3 types of measurements: Wilhelmy plate, Du Noüy ring or Washburn method.

Weight: 0,001 à 120 g
Weight sensitivity: 0,0001 g
Surface Tension: 1 à 1 000 mN.m-1
Surface tension accuracy: 0.01 mN.m-1
Temperature (optional): 5 à 60 °C

Surfactants properties
Powder wettability
Fibers (individual or not), membranes wettability
Capillary rising
Ascending and receding contact angle
Liquid density

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Surface and interfacial tension analyzer
Surface and interfacial tension with TensioCAD