cad instruments FOR you during 32 years and more.....  

1991: CAD Instrumentation SARL was founded
1992: Zetaphoremeter II developed in partnership with Caen University of Pharmacy
1995: CAD develops the standard mixer Mlx40 with Lafarge Cement Group
1997: CAD Instruments develops a mortar rheometer RheoCAD 200 and multiplexed conductimeter  MultiCAD
                              1999: Introduction of a Streaming potential apparatus ZetaCAD 
                               2003:  ZetaCompact introduction
                               2007:  New Tensiometer TensioCAD
                               2008:  MultiCAD-V2  Flexible multiplexed conductivity meter 
                               2009 – 2013: Conception of a rheo-optical device RheOptiCAD, developed in collaboration with AgroParisTech-INRA
                               2014: a zetameter/granulometer NanoCAD
                               2018-2023: Needed New Design
                               2024: New project "PHENIX" in perspective with university and industrial collaboration

- Department "Powder analysis" : Zetameters for zeta potential analysis, tensiometers for surface and interfacial tension, contact angle, Optical rheometer

- Department "Cement analysis": Standardized Mixer, Rheometer, Shrinkage, Electrical conductivity, Chloride ions permeability, Slab curling study

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