Surface area BET Analyzer

Surface area BET analyzer

Analyzer to measure surface area BET

FORS-BET4 is a static volumetric high speed automatic surface area analyzer, which may give accurate results with special design against the sample surface area as low as 0.2 m2/g and satisfied the special QC request from lithium battery materials.  The system owned four independent analysis ports which can work simultaneously, and can be extended up to seven ports if request. 

FORS-BET4 is a physisorption analyzer with excellent accuracy and stability with four port standard configuration. Such features make this system to suitable for rapid sample screening and quality control. This surface area analyzer is used for:          

  -  BET /Langmuir
-       adsorption/Desorption Isotherm
-       BJH
-       Total pore Volume
-       Average pore size
-       t-plot
-       MP
-       DR
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