• Electrical conductivity analyzer for mortar
  • MonoCAD
  • MultiCAD
  • Pure pasta cell CAD

Electrical conductivity measurement of cement suspensions and pure pastes

MonoCAD and MultiCAD are 2 instruments dedicated to the measurement of the electrical conductivity of cement suspensions or pure pastes. MonoCAD is a single-station instrument whereas MultiCAD is multi-station one giving the possibility to measure 4 samples conductivity in parallel depending on their parameters. MultiCAD is designed to monitor electrical conductivity of cement suspensions using CEMOT cells or pure pastes PAP cells in parallel. A special cell for mortars is also available. You can have up to 4 positions simultaneously. This electrical conductivity can be measured during setting or hardening.

Kinetic of cement paste: hardening, hydration parameters
Reactivity of admixtures or fillers
Study of pure pastes during chemical reaction
Software for measuring electrical conductivity vs.time independently for all samples
Data export and treatment with .txt file

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