Mortar mixer for laboratory

Mortar Mixer for lab MLX40 CAD
Standardized mixer for cement pastes and mortars

Overview - Principle
Mlx40-D, a standardized mixer according to norm EN196, is dedicated to the mixing of cement pastes and mortars. Mixer Mlx40-D works due to an impeller fixed to an adjustable planetary rotating part. A hopper is present for controlled and normalized sand or powder adding and provides an easy preparation of the mix. Mlx40-D is provided with a certification document.

The adjustable planetary part gives the possbility to mix different volumes of samples.
Sample volume : 0.25 to 5 L
Impeller speed : 140 ± 5 rpm and 280 ± 10 rpm
Planetary rotating part : 62 ± 5 rpm and 125 ± 10 rpm
The embedded software can store the various programs of mixing for each application
10 programs can be stored in memory
Hopper for automatic addition