Minislump test
Workability measurement of concrete, mortar and cement

CAD Instruments offers 2 lab devices for studying the workability of cement pastes, mortars and fresh concrete: MiniSlump MBE450 or MiniSlump MSP. These tests are carried out using molds with conical shapes made of stainless steel or nickel coated steel for better resistance.
his method gives information concerning the formulation of a concrete or on the research and innovation potentialities of rheological understanding of samples. MiniSlump test should be complementary with a more advanced rheological study performed with rheometers (RheoCAD500). Nevertheless, it is a simple, fast and cheap method to carry out tests for workability and consistency of building materials.

Surface measurement is Corian™ manufactured, a hard and non-absorbent surface required for the test but also ensuring perfect planarity.
Stainless steel cone perfectly designedy.
Integrated rule for measurement of spreading

MiniSlump MBE450
Manual system for lifting

MiniSlump MSP
To improve repeatability of the measurement, CAD Instruments has developed MiniSlump MSP where the cone is lifted at constant speed by a pneumatically driven table.

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